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Approved MOT Test Centre in Fleet ﮬy 鮹5 for full MOT

VW Autos Garage in Fleet is part of the Foster & Heanes Group of Companies, and can offer very competitive prices on MOTs through the Approved MOT Test Centre, located in Dogmersfield, near Hook in Hampshire.

You may like to combine your Volkswagen, BMW or Audi service/repair with an MOT test, in which case we can put it through the MOT whilst it is with us and we will arrange transportation of the vehicle from our Fleet garage to the MOT Test Centre in Dogmerfield. If you just wish to book an MOT for your car, please book in direct with Foster and Heanes Book Mot

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FREE MOT Re-Test in 10 working days

The fully licensed MOT Test Bays use the latest MOT Testing technology. We carry out Class 3 and 4 MOT Testing, and have one-man test bays which enables a single technician to carry out the MOT test on your vehicle, making it a much more personal and efficient process.

We offer FREE MOT re-tests �y garages charge! Should your car fail the MOT, you are not obliged to book any repairs in with VW Autos or Foster & Heanes, and as long as you return the car within 10 working days, we will re-test the car for free.

Find out more about MOT Tests

Foster & Heanes have a lot of information available on MOTs. Please visit the MOT Information page.

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