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Car Servicing in Fleet for all Volkswagens, Audis and BMWs

The VW Autos Garage in Fleet Hampshire provides regular servicing for Volkswagen, BMWs and Audis as well as a full vehicle repair and diagnostic service. We also offer MOTs through our MOT Test Centre in Dogmersfield near Hook.

Competitive Interim and Full Services for VWs, Audis and BMWs 稹 pay more?

It is important to take good care of your Volkswagen, Audi or BMW as it will help ensure maximum car performance whilst avoiding costly repairs, but you don஥ed to go to a main dealer. The VW Autos team are German car repair specialists who will give your car the attention it deserves, and you some change in your pocket.

At VW Autos we not only provide a selection of car service packages that follow the recommended service schedule for each particular make and model, from interim servicing for the high mileage car user to full services that includes all essential maintenance, but we also GUARANTEE to be competitive on price. If you are looking for a more customised service plan, this can also be provided.

Car servicing and car repairs take place in the garage at St James Road in Fleet. MOTs for all makes and models of car are undertaken at the F&H Approved MOT Test Centre in Dogmersfield, near Hook.

Regular servicing will extend the life-span of your car

A car that is regularly serviced will give you a much better return on your investment as it will extend the life-span of the car through improved fuel economy and performance.

The whole idea of vehicle maintenance is to prevent rather than repair. Checking fluid levels, tyre pressures, lights, brakes and battery will extend the vehicles lifetime. A regular oil change serves as a lubricant for all engine internal parts and helps it to run smoothly, making it more fuel-efficient.

Safety on the road is of paramount importance, but sometimes we forget to make simple routine checks to ensure our vehicles are safe to drive. When did you last check your tyre pressures, the tread on your tyres, or spare tyre for signs of deterioration? These checks are included in a regular service, so you will have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy.

The VW Autos Price Promise

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We offer Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Seat, Skoda and Bentley car servicing and repairs at the competitive prices our customers have come to expect. For convenience and to make it more cost-effective, many people choose to have an annual service and MOT test combined ଥase ask for details.

We will only work on what is needed or requested. If additional work is necessary, this will not be undertaken without your permission, or without prior consultation and your agreement on price.

VW Autos Fleet offers free Courtesy Cars!

If you live in Fleet, Church Crookham or Dogmersfield, we offer a free courtesy car service whilst your car is undergoing repairs. We may be able to arrange a courtesy car outside of the local area, but this does depend on availability.

Free Local Collection and Delivery

If it is difficult for you to drive your car to the VW Autos garage due to work or family commitments, we can offer a FREE car collection and delivery service to all customers who live or work in Fleet, Church Crookham or Dogmersfield. As this is very popular with our customers, we need to ensure we have ample staff to cover the service centres whilst the driver collects your car, so we just ask that you please call in good time to arrange your car service and collection time slot.

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