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Engine Diagnostics for Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs, Seats, Skodas and Bentleys

VW Autos in Fleet are German car specialists who invest heavily in the latest diagnostic technology for your car. Our engine diagnostic service is quick and reliable, enabling us to perform successful repairs at a cost-effective price.

Our diagnostics systems allows us to read live data streams on engines for all German car makes and models. Using the latest in auto-diagnostic testing software, we can very quickly identify and assess problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle. The VW Autos technicians can also undertake cursory physical checks free of charge, but if the problem isnąÆ¢vious, then an auto-diagnostic software test will be required to find the route of the problem. The software is extremely accurate in pinpointing the fault as well as providing a solution.

Book in for your fault-finding vehicle check

If you are experiencing problems with your VW, Audi or BMW car, please pop in and we will run a computerised diagnostic check which will flag up any issues. We can provide an estimate for work the same day, if it is required.

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As with all VW Autos services, you will have the opportunity to reserve one of our free courtesy cars which is available to our Fleet, Church Crookham and Dogmersfield customers, or you may like to take advantage of the free vehicle collection and drop-off service if you live or work in Fleet. Please check when you book your car in for repair that we have a courtesy car available and that we can provide the collection and drop-off service on the day you require.

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